Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter M


 Today was our first day back a after a week off. We picked up with the letter Mm and created the next page for our ABC book. I modeled the sound and asked the girls if they knew any words that started with the m sound. They were able to name "mommy" and "mine." Next I showed them an example of a mosaic stained glass window and explained that they were going to create their own. I cut up pieces of foam sheets into shapes. The girls then glued shapes all over their paper. Little sister was ready to move on after gluing on about ten shapes but I showed her the example again of how the whole page was covered and she was able to continue. I made sure to give compliments which seemed to help them finish. 

Guru Moment: Now that they had practice with creating a mosaic,  i want to try and create a different mosaic using tissue paper to hang on a window.

Arielle (mommy):
Introduction:  After we discussed the letter m, the sound, and looked at picture and letter cards, I had Lil find the letter m out of many other letters we have learned.  I wrote many M and ms along with other letters Lil knows on our dry erase easel ($15 at Ikea).  I had Lil put a glove on her right hand, then had her search for all the ms and erase each one by tracing each one with her gloved hand.  I watched her to make sure she erased them the same way I would want her to write them.

Writing practice:  Since she loved that activity so much and was anxious to use the dry erase marker, I let Lil practice writing m on the easel.

Craft:  Letter m monkey!

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